Movin' On

The new album Movin' On from The Big Diggity is now available! Grab your copy today!

The Big Diggity

“When you sit back and listen to the neo-soul grooves of The Big Diggity, you are immersed in lyrical style and rhythmic collaborations. This Louisville band is all about balance: The music is a sweet mix of cutting-edge neo soul, a dash of hip-hop, a smattering of old-school jams, saucy vocals, and flavorful, flowing beats.

“A hidden treasure, the band’s lyrics are like a priceless, multi-faceted gem – full of metaphors and double entendres – reflecting life back to the listener differently each time a song is heard. Sexuality and raw emotion is the common thread of the music that brings people together, but the message of the music is what makes it personal for every listener – that’s Big Diggity’s gift to you. Can you dig it?”

— KET's Mixed Media